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From NY to Nashville.

Which would you rather have? August 11, 2009

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Living room update.

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So we got a steal on a dining room table and chairs from Ikea (through Craigslist) and they’re the perfect size for our small dining area.  We also got a very LARGE sectional that is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever sat in.  They delivered it at 7am this morning, but a lovely way to start the day.  However, later in the day Blake decided it was too big for the room and wanted to rearrange the pieces around the room.  He eventually saw the sectional was made to be in one piece and not broken up.  You can see how I felt about the whole ordeal.  DSC_0054DSC_0057Also he built some shelves to go in the unit above the fireplace, so those will be filled soon.DSC_0058DSC_0092


Tomato Fest! August 10, 2009

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So East Nashville (our hood) has a tomato fest every year, and we just happened to be here for it.  It’s quite eclectic and very odd at times, but a good time nonetheless.  Everything is based on tomatoes (obvi) and there are tomato eating contests (for people and dogs), tomato art, bloody mary “drink offs” and more.  It was fun, and we met some cool people (including a very inebriated girl who was wearing my same dress and insisted on taking a picture with me) and loved watching the live bands.  Best of all it was all only 5 minutes from our house.  Did I mention Nashville is cool?



Look what you can get for $100 at Kroger!! August 8, 2009

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And it all fit in the refrigerator and cabinets.  W-O-W.



The wrong color choice.

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So we wanted a nice dark brown for the bedroom and we got this.  Feels like we’re living in a southwestern-themed house, which is not what we’re going for.  We went to Home Depot today and got the color fixed (for free) – btw, if you’re looking to paint a room, I highly recommend the Behr primer and paint in one paint at Home Depot – it has saved us a TON of time (except for this room).



Before and after shots part 2.

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The living room.



Before and after shots!

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Blake’s study before and after.