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From NY to Nashville.

Look what you can get for $100 at Kroger!! August 8, 2009

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And it all fit in the refrigerator and cabinets.  W-O-W.



6 Responses to “Look what you can get for $100 at Kroger!!”

  1. bianca Says:

    Kroger is fabulous. Hope you signed up for a Kroger Plus card. They’ll send you coupons in the mail every month!

  2. Happy new blog! We have the same template. 🙂 I love your paint choices and new house – hope you are having a smooth adjustment to TN!

  3. MIchelle Says:

    I don’t get it. Why would you go to Kroger when you have a Publix? Why? 😉

    • kateandblake Says:

      I have a confession – I haven’t been to Publix yet…
      It’s a little bit of a trek for us to get there, but I’ll go soon and post pictures, haha.

      • MIchelle Says:

        Gasp! Distance should not stand in the way of perfection!

        By the way Lola is a cutie, looks a little like Triumph the insult dog so just don’t ever let her have a cigar and bow-tie. Or that could totally be her Halloween costume 🙂

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