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From NY to Nashville.

The Sisks have landed. August 6, 2009

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We are officially Nashville residents.
It’s been a cray whirlwind of a few days (just look at our credit card bills) and we are loving every minute of it.
So I’ve never been a “blogger” but I figured my friends in NYC and family would want to see how we’re doing, so ergo, the blog.

Where we are:
We are in East Nashville.  The house was involved in a fire last year (the neighbors think by the person who owned the property) and was then sold to a man who completely redid the entire house down to the studs.  So we are left with a beautiful house with hardwood floors, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, completely redone kitchen, and 5 minutes from downtown.

The things we have to get used to:
How nice everyone is and how they want to tell you their life story.  We had a Comcast installer here for 5 hours installing cable, telephone, and internet, and why did it take 5 hours?  Because he wanted to tell us his life story.  I had to leave around lunchtime just to get a break from his yapping.  The postman came and introduced himself, the neighbors behind us and next door said hello and the man across the street helped us install our mailbox (because we have no idea how to do 99% of all household tasks).
Driving.  I don’t like it, although I love our car.
Grocery stores.  Really???  I have this many options.  It takes forever to get me out of them.
The loud rap music on our street.  I love a good bumping bass, but it’s kind of annoying at 8am when I’m asleep and they’re going to work.
Being able to do whatever you want to your own house.  Home ownership is pretty insane.  I can’t believe we’re allowed to PAINT walls and drill holes wherever we want.  Although yesterday I could’ve used the super to come and help with a leaky pipe.

All in all, this is an awesome place to be and we are so excited to be here.

It is time to get to painting.  Pictures to come.


later y’all


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